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Website Design

Website Design

Your website is the core element you use to:

  1. Gain and build awareness & brand recognition

  2. Target & welcome prospects

  3. Sell products & grow your revenue

  4. Serve & delight your existing customers

  5. Increase customer loyalty & repeat sales

 Does your website meet the above requirements? 

Many of our clients come to us with websites that do not follow current technical best practices, are not well-documented, are time consuming to update, are not mobile responsive and may not have utilized  search engine optimization, marketing analytics or a viable content strategy during creation. 

As best of breed website design practices and technology evolve at a faster rate than most organizations have the resources to keep up with, WSI Digital Wizards often finds that if your site is more than 1-2 years old it can be more cost effective to build a new website than try to modify an existing site.

There are many benefits to be realized from the process of creating a new website that can also be used in your online marketing campaigns. 

  • Clearly identifying prospects and development of target and current customer profiles.
  • Detailing the digital buyer’s journey based on these profiles to be able to match the information they need at each stage of their journey – so they advance to the next step.
  • Developing the site’s design around a deliberate conversion architecture and which specific actions you wish visitor to take.
  • Creating content that is rich in information needed to engage the reader while also having sufficient page text and content structure to support the main keywords needed to increase page rank.
  • Using the site as a communications/content syndication platform for thought leadership programs and marketing campaigns, including engagement of your Blog posts, videos, infographics, Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Media accounts to publish a regular cadence of fresh, original content that engages and delights.
  • Ensuring the site can be viewed on all platforms, most particularly mobile.

Additional benefits can be realized in lower cost due to ease of maintenance.

  • With today’s integrated platforms, there are “global” design and navigational elements, where you can change it once, in one place, and then it is reflected everywhere in the site where that element is displayed. 
  • Content (pages, blogs, forms, images, etc.) can be created and managed using a WYSIWYG editor (sometimes called a “CMS”), draft pages can be previewed and then published only when the content is as you want it.
  • Tagging pages and posts for SEO purposes is also greatly simplified.
  • There are hundreds of powerful “plug-in’s” that not only deliver superb features, but also keep one from having to “re-invent the wheel” whenever additional functionality is required or as business needs change.

This is just a quick list of considerations if your’re thinking about a re-vamp of your present website design or functionality to better support your digital marketing strategy.


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