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Conversion Optimization

Conversion Optimization Reaches your Prospects

Conversion Optimization is the ongoing process of analyzing and adjusting your web properties so viewers are engaged, know more about the uniqueness of your brand and ultimately want to become your customer.

The research process people go through leading up to and making a decision has been dubbed the “Buyer’s Journey.”  As you might expect, the type of information and media channel used to deliver the information varies depending upon where the buyers are in their journey.

WSI Digital Wizards works with you to think through and analyze the kind of information that your prospective customers want to know as they search for and make a buying decision.  For example, the content targeted for stages of the Buyer’s Journey might look like this:

  1. During the Awareness Stage offer research reports and/or educational content using a blog to focus on news or information about your brand.
  2. During the Consideration Stage provide access to an interview and/or expert guides using a video or white paper to focus on solutions to their problem or provide new opportunities.
  3. During the Decision Stage offer the prospect a trial download and/or vendor comparisons using an application or competitor analysis to focus on closing the sale because your brand IS their best option.

 Conversion Optimization works hand in hand with your Content Marketing plan and the identification of your target and existing customers, i.e., Personas.  While conversion optimization may sound difficult to accomplish, WSI Digital Wizards is there for you every step of the process and journey.  Our goal is to help you increase leads and sales most efficiently. 

Let us show you how we can improve your results.

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